RECITAL "Let Your Dreams Set Sail!"

We are so excited for our 2018 Recital! "Let Your Dreams Set Sail" is going to be an exciting chance for all our students to shine in front of family and friends. Our annual recital offers our dancers a professionally directed performance that allows them to show off their progress made after they have worked so hard all year. 

A big part of dance training is learning through performance. Although performance opportunities can help prepare some students for a possible career in dance, they also contribute to children’s success in non-dance activities.  The performing experience helps build self-confidence and can result in better in-school presentations, improved social skills, and strong interview skills for future opportunities. 

We look forward to the performance, and are proud to provide our families with a recital experience that they'll never forget!


  • May 18th    Picture Day- Performing Company (Centerville studio)
  • June 2nd     Picture Day (Centerville studio)
  • June 4th     Family Appreciation Party (Farmington Pool)
  • June 11th    Kick Off Performance (Bountiful City Park)
  • June 15th    Dress Rehearsal (Syracuse High)
  • June 16th    Recital Day (Syracuse High)


  1.  Read the performance handbook we send home the first week of February. Additional copies are available in the office. You can also access this handbook in your parent portal by selecting "view account documents" under the "my account" section. 
  2. Submit the online consent form below, or use the link below to print it and return it to class.


  • "What is the Kick Off Performance?"
  • "What do other parents think of the recital experience?"
  • and more!

Check each cast list for your name to see what show your dancer(s) will be performing in! Use the cast folder to find access to the dropbox folder with practice videos, music, and to see what side of the stage your dancer will be on!

Recital Updates

Updated recital information and handouts will be posted here monthly and emailed to all families. We work hard to make the recital experience organized and fun. Keeping you informed is on our our primary goals.


Tickets are NOT included in the performance package. Seating is reserved. Tickets purchased in advance online are $8 for silver seats, $9 for gold seats, or $10 platinum seats. Prices include all taxes and fees. Tickets purchased the day of the recital will be $12 at the door for any available seats. 

If your family is performing in multiple shows on performance day we will contact you in advance with special accommodations for your tickets. 

RECITAL PROGRAM ADVERTISING- Earn money towards your recital fees! Students have the opportunity to purchase and sell ads, and 40% of all ads sold will be credited back to your account!



Dancer Name *
Dancer Name
1. Check ALL classes your child will be participating with. (Payment breakdowns are listed in your handbook or the consent form available above.) *
If you select the payment plan please list amounts due for all four months below. (Refer to the payment breakdown on the consent PDF form above)
Try-ons are available in the lobby.
Try-ons are available in the lobby.
Included only for preschool and Stars dancers
Daddy Dance Sign Up
$30 participation fee is due April 1st. Includes dad shirt and all rehearsals.
Dad Dancer Name
Dad Dancer Name
Try ons will be available at the first dad practice and you will have the ability to change the shirt size you chose below.
Volunteer Sign Up
Expressions Dance relies on the assistance of many dedicated volunteers to provide a high-quality performance experience for your child(ren). Most jobs require limited commitment during the dress rehearsal or recital.
These are great for siblings and parents! Siblings that purchase a shirt can also participate with us in the July parade at no additional cost. If you are ordering more than one additional shirt please email the office.
Stars and Preschool Dancers have the chance to add an extra routine for the recital. Classes will start in March, The additional costume is $60 and the tuition for the additional class is $20 (Twinkle Stars) or $25 (Shooting & Rising Stars). See page 9 in the Recital Handbook for more information. *3-5 yr olds: Choose a Twinkle Stars classes *Kinderstars: Choose a Shooting Stars class *All Stars: Choose a Rising Stars class
Anyone enrolled in a tumble class is encouraged to participate in the tumbling exhibition. There is a $10 participation fee due in March. *This is not for Academic Preschool tumble classes or Performing Company students. Assigned class times will be sent out in April.
Recital Consent to Participate *
By submitting the online consent form you agree to the following: