Our goal is to provide the best dance experience possible. But we can’t do it alone. We need the support of everyone involved: dancers, teachers, parents, and you.

Please review this brief overview of the policies found in the Expressions Dance Handbook. (You will be given a copy of the handbook at your first few weeks of class.)

Print the Release Form HERE.  (Due at your first class.)


Expressions Dance maintains a dress code to encourage concentration and a sense of inclusiveness (variations in attire can be distracting or contribute to feelings of inequality). Uniformity in dance wear also allows teachers to assess how well students are implementing technique and other important aspects of dance training.

  • STARS JAZZ/BALLET: STARS leotard, pink convertible tights, pink leather ballet shoes. Hair should be pulled back from the face in a bun. (STARS Uniform is $35, due in August.)

  • TUMBLING/ACRO: Girls: leotard and biker shorts, dance top and bikers, or a unitard. Boys: basketball shorts and a tshirt. Barefoot. Hair must be pulled back from face and neck.

  • HIP HOP: Street clothes only (no dance clothes). Clean tennis shoes

  • TODDLER & PRESCHOOL DANCE CLASSES: Any color leotard (black is recommended), pink tights, and pink leather ballet shoes. Hair pulled back away from face. Skirts are optional.

Studio Store: Expressions Dance offers dancewear and shoes for purchase. Visit the online store HERE or stop by the studio to get fitted for leotards, tights, ballet shoes, biker shorts, jazz shoes, dance bags, studio t-shirts, and more!


Monthly tuition does not include the annual membership fee, dancewear, shoes, performances, costumes, recital tickets, or special events.

Annual Membership Fee: $40 per person or $70 per family is due upon enrollment and then annually every August. It covers the cost of mailings, insurance, handbooks, rehearsals, and so on. Membership fees are non-refundable, except for preschool students who are determined to be unready for dance. In which case, a credit may be issued for the following season.

Tuition: Full monthly tuition is due by the 1st of each month. Tuition is paid through automatic withdrawal from your credit or debit card on file. Tuition will be charged directly to your specified VISA, MasterCard, or Discover. We will accept cash, cashier’s checks, or money orders for payment if received five days before the 1st of every month.  Please note: tuition is based on the season and not by how many weeks are in each month.

Late Fee: A $20 late fee will automatically be added to the amount of those accounts with an inactive or declined cared. In the event payment under this agreement is not made on time or in the manner required, the undersigned agrees to pay all cost of collection, including court costs, attorney fees, and any additional charges or collection agency fees which would be 35% of the balance assigned—with or without suit.

Checks: We will accept cashier checks, or money orders for payment if received five days before the 1st of every month. We do not accept personal checks, except in the event of a fundraiser. A $25 returned-check fee will be added to all checks returned due to insufficient funds.

Class-Drop Policy: You must notify us by email (info@dancetoexpress.com) at least five days before the first day of the month, otherwise you will be liable for the next month’s tuition charge. Tuition for classes cancelled after the month has begun will not be refunded.

*We reserve the right to cancel classes or adjust the schedule at any time due to lack of enrollment.


Students who miss a class may have the opportunity to make it up with another similar class. Makeup classes are based on availability of space in other classes and are not guaranteed. Please check with the office to determine the possibility of scheduling a make-up class. The class must be made up within one month of the class missed. Four makeup classes are allowed per season.


Please be punctual. We encourage students to arrive five minutes early so they can be ready to start when class begins.

For their safety, children should be picked up immediately after class. A $10 fee may be charged for every five minutes a child is late being picked up.

Parking lot safety: There are a lot of people coming and going when classes begin and end. As such, please enter and exit our parking lot with extreme caution. Never park your vehicle in any area that is not a designated parking space. Please do not allow siblings to play in the parking lot.


Observing classes can be a distraction for dancers and teachers alike. So, to keep everyone focused, parents may observe the last ten minutes of class during the last week of each month.

Teachers will open their doors and invite interested observers to come in and watch. This is your chance to see, firsthand, what the classroom experience is like for your child.

All we ask is that you please…

  • Wait outside the classroom until invited in

  • Do not disrupt the class

  • Do not bring infants or other children

  • Do not shout instructions or distract your child in any way

If you wish to view a class outside of observation week, please make special arrangements with the school director.

Newsletters and Calendar

Monthly Newsletters and important updates are emailed to all addresses on file.  The same newsletters and updates are emailed to you and posted on our calendar page HERE. We work hard to make the dance experience organized and fun. Keeping you informed is one of our primary goals. Please read all newsletters and other school information.


Performances are an exciting part of our program!  All our dancers will have opportunities to perform at Christmas and in our Year-end Recital. 

CHRISTMAS: We participate in an annual benefit concert, "Dance For Life."  All performers will pay a $20 performance fee, due December 1st. 

Costume fees are due November 1st and will be charged with tuition. Costumes fees will not exceed $30 and many will be rented to you for $10-$15. Dancers will wear their class uniform or black leotard as the base of the costume. 

YEAR-END RECITAL: An important aspect of dance training includes learning through performance. Our year-end recital offers students a professionally directed performance that allows them to present the results of a year’s hard work, dedication, and progress.  

More information on our recital will be sent home in February. Performance updates will be posted on the RECITAL PAGE.

Performance Package: We have created an all-inclusive package that takes care of everything for you. We feel that this eliminates surprise expenses and makes for a much more enjoyable recital experience.  The Performance package includes:

  • Costume purchase

  • Recital fee (one per family)

  • Professional Video (one per family)

  • Professional Recital picture (includes a class and individual image)

  • Recital t-shirt and shorts (This is the costume for the Recital Kick Off performance at the park, and for students that participate in summer parades.)

  • Tights (for preschool and Stars dancers only)

  • Accessory or hair piece

  • Dress Rehearsal "Good Luck" gift

  • Recital participation award



Bring-a-Friend Week: The last week in September and the last week in January is “Bring-a-Friend Week.” Students may bring a friend (similar in age) to experience a fun class designed for them and their guests. Students’ friends attend class free of charge during this week.

Summer Program and Camps: Each summer, Expressions Dance offers summer programs and camps for both current and new students.  A complete brochure of all summer programs will be distributed in January. We suggest early registration as these programs do sell out, especially the camps. For more details, please visit the SUMMER PAGE.

Studio Rental: The studio is available for rental for meetings, rehearsals, and other activities. Tables, chairs, sound systems, and microphones are also available upon request. Whether you’re planning a one-time, weekly, or monthly event, give us a call to determine whether we can accommodate your group or activity.
Birthday Parties: We offer several birthday party options for both boys and girls. Parties are themed and can be dance related or not. Most birthday parties are scheduled for Friday or Saturday afternoons or on Sundays; however, limited space is available during the week.  Please contact the office for a complete brochure or visit the BIRTHDAY PARTIES page on the website for details. 

WELCOME TO EXPRESSIONS DANCE! We look forward to an exciting, rewarding season with you!